Plastic & Polythene Recyclers in Leeds

Frequently Asked Questions

"Do you charge for collections?"

No, there is no charge.

"Do you pay for waste plastics?"

Yes. This is subject to quality, volume and location.

"Do you service domestic house hold, or catering waste?"

No, this is because of the food contamination, and also the varied mixed plastics.

"Can you provide weekly collections?"

Yes, we can provide weekly collections.

"Can you provide collections on demand?"

Yes, we aim to collect within 2-3 days from contact.

"What plastics do you handle?"

HD/MD/LD PP Films and ridged, however we will consider most plastics.

"Do you provide the means for collection on site?"

Yes, we can provide either IBC's, Bags, Balers or Ro Ro's subject to terms and conditions.

"What is the smallest amount you will collect?"

We can collect as little as one Jumbo sack.

"Can you provide collections for full forty foot trailer loads?"

Yes, we can provide this service.

"Do you cover areas other than Bradford?"

Yes, we cover many other areas including Leeds, Sheffield, Rotherham, Huddersfield, Harrogate, York, Skipton and surrounding areas.

Enviroplastics plastic recycling vehicle

Recycling Process

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